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Besuch aus China

Gaststudierende im Englischpraktikum

Auch dieses Jahr haben Gaststudierende aus China unseren Mr. Schmidt drei Wochen lang im Englischunterricht in Hemmerswil und im Sonnenberg begleitet. Ihr Abschlusstag war just der Plauschtag in Hemmerswil.

Hier die Eindrücke von Peony:


My name is Peony and I am from China. I spent 3 weeks teaching placement in Hemmerswil and Sonnenberg School. I was so impressed with the beautiful surroundings with manicured ravishing lawns, spacious and colorfully decorated classrooms, and the advanced teaching and learning facilities. Furthermore, the teachers are professional and skilled. Most of the time, I was in English classes with Mr. Schmidt. I could feel he has built a favorable relationship with students. So the students are confident and feel free to express themselves in a relaxed studying environment, which I believe is significant for their potential development.

On 17th May, I was a lucky bird to join their Sports Day. All the sports activities are interesting. What impressed me most is that all of the students are always willing to help each other. They were well ordered and good at teamwork. The old students were very patient to the younger ones during the game.

To put it in a nutshell, I will remember this valuable experience forever.

Und von Shawn:

Firstly, thank you Thurgau, Marcus and the primary school’s headmaster for giving us such a great opportunity to do our teaching practice. Now I know something about primary school of Switzerland which contains English class, French class, sports class and sports day etc.

I learned a lot and benefit a lot from this internship. The teachers and students here are very very friendly. I really hope that I can stay longer with them. This is an unforgettable trip. I will tell the Chinese teachers and classmates what I have seen and felt.